Frameworks and libraries

There we go, my first post on development. Frameworks – I will not explain what a framework is, I think you already know it, instead, I will write my opinion on how and when to use them.

Frameworks are great tool for us, developers, to overcome some obstacles, when we quite do not know the solution or we are too lazy to write it ourselves. On the web world we have a lot of environments to work in – there is a server side environment (e.g. PHP or some other popular web site scripting language + Apache or some other HTTP server software + some sort of SQL RDBMS), then there is a client side environment (JavaScript, HTML, CSS and also ActionScript in Flash), and in any of those there are some problems to overcome.

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Hello world!

NO, this is not a default blog post by wordpress engine. 🙂 This is me, speaking here. So anyways I’ve finally decided to switch my blogging language to English, as I have a lot to talk about web/software development and music production to a broader audience. My old blog can still be found here, but the future of ORB is getting shady, so I decided to switch to WP.

So, who am I? My name is Gusts, I live in Latvia and I’m currently (on 28th of October, 2010) 27 years old web developer and musician. I currently play in two bands: Riga Metro & Bottleyed. I am also a part owner of a web development company in Latvia, where I work as a head of IT departament. My knowledge in development languages are mostly centered around web, so I spend most of my days in the world of PHP, JavaScript (I love jQuery) and a little bit of HTML, CSS and ActionScript 3.0. I’ve done some hobby software development and wrapped my head arround languages like C, C++, C# and Java.

I think this will be enough for today.