Hello world!

NO, this is not a default blog post by wordpress engine. 🙂 This is me, speaking here. So anyways I’ve finally decided to switch my blogging language to English, as I have a lot to talk about web/software development and music production to a broader audience. My old blog can still be found here, but the future of ORB is getting shady, so I decided to switch to WP.

So, who am I? My name is Gusts, I live in Latvia and I’m currently (on 28th of October, 2010) 27 years old web developer and musician. I currently play in two bands: Riga Metro & Bottleyed. I am also a part owner of a web development company in Latvia, where I work as a head of IT departament. My knowledge in development languages are mostly centered around web, so I spend most of my days in the world of PHP, JavaScript (I love jQuery) and a little bit of HTML, CSS and ActionScript 3.0. I’ve done some hobby software development and wrapped my head arround languages like C, C++, C# and Java.

I think this will be enough for today.

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