System Developers Glossary (also for dummies)

Do you know what’s a table, a bitset, the stack, the high and lows. Yes, no, not quite sure … well in any way this post might come in handy. This glossary is aimed at Intel x86 and x86_64 and any consequent solutions built on PC architecture.

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Restart/Reiterate Everything. Voila the Long Mode!

It’s been a month – pretty long vacation away from my most beloved hobby, but I’m just a human, I have my needs. I like snowboarding, so I went to Austria and did a proper powder riding. I’m still playing in the band, and I did a few gigs here in Riga. And last but not least – I have a job – and deadlines are killing me. But enough of appologies, here it is…

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My OS MinGW cross-compiler

I’m still testing out a few options of cross-compilers. This time I’ve built a MinGW cross-compiler for i786 ELF format binaries. As I’ve been pointed out – MinGW does not have any dependencies on external libraries (like Cygwin) and it does not have problems with DOS paths (like Cygwin, which I could not force to work in Eclipse CDT).

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