I’m writing my own OS, intermission (updated)

Holly jumping Jesus … I just got my 15 minutes of shame/fame over the internet. I linked my “just write down what you’re thinking” blog post on dzone.com and somehow it got posted on Hacker News and from there … Shit just hit the fan. It seems that writing “I’m writing my own OS” as a blog title can […]

I’m writing my own OS, part 2 (updated)

I had a philosophical introduction previously about my idea of writing “My own OS”, now it’s time to do some real coding. In this part I’ll roll out a Master Boot Record (MBR), that will load a Kernel from disk (actually, I’m going to port an existing solution to Visual Studio environment). First i’ll start […]

99 problems, but the web ain’t one.

I’ve been working in the web development for, what, 8-10 years now. I’ve seen it transition from Netscape to Internet Explorer standards, I’ve seen it done in tables and I was there when everything suddenly went into div soup. I’ve seen some nasty CSS cheats I was there on the advent of JavaScript frameworks – […]