Lightweigt SQL database management tools

Just letting you know, that I’ve created 2 simple browse/import/export/execute tools for PostgreSQL and MySQL (and maybe I’ll create one for SQLLite too). They’re hosted on GitHub: PSM and MSM

Why? Well, first of all it was all because of phpPgAdmin – which is one huge mess for shared hosting providers (like me) – why would I need to show system databases or other client databases to some stranger? I know you can do some hard-core configuration, but why isn’t it built like phpMyAdmin – single db access?

So, yes, I created a tool that asks for database name and user credentials, so there is access to only single database with hidden pg_* shemas, etc. And while creating that, I thought why the hell shouldn’t I create a similar tool for MySQL.

Also it’s built to¬†easily¬†integrate into other systems – it’s basically 4 class files. Great solution for cPanel or Plesk like software. It can be configured to access a single database while only asking for username and password, or even completely locked to single credentials.

Current version (1.0alpha) is mostly a database browser, but it has raw SQL command tab and it can import/export plain text SQL dumps.

PS. It’s mod_rewrite only … for now :/

PPS. Here are some screenshots:

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    1. Hmm, I was not aware of this one before. Thank you for this link – Looks great! Although I quite don’t understand WHY would you ever minify a php source file – it’s not like you are downloading php files over internet and it does not matter for parser either. Singe source file – fine, minified source file – no way. And when you see the full source of the project it becomes clear that it’s quite huge – what I’m aiming at is a simple dump/restore interface + sql console + maybe some GUI editing options (which I’ll add later).

      1. Minification is not the best word for what i mean. I mean all-in-one-file application, like Adminer.

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