Smart Phones and left/right-handedness

So what am I talking about here, is that our so-to-be symmetrical devices are also affected by left/right-handedness.

I was playing around with my iPhone this one day and somehow I started to notice, that whenever I turn the screen to landscape mode I always turn it the same way I always do. Most of the games support landscape mode in both directions (just turn it around 180 degrees and the view will rotate around), until I opened this one game called Uber Racer, which immediately started upside down (according to position I was holding my phone). I tried to shake my phone, wondering if maybe the accelerometer was stuck or something, but then I realized that the game was programmed that way and I had to turn it around to play it. At that point I realized, how important it is to be able to turn the view in to current phone orientation, as it didn’t feel right for me.

So what am I talking about here, is that our so-to-be symmetrical devices are also affected by our left/right-handedness. I myself am a right-handed person, and I noticed that I always tend to use my left hand to hold the phone and my right hand to navigate on the touch screen (or press the home button). Also when I turn the phone, I always tend to turn it counterclockwise while holding the bottom of my phone with right hand and the top or back with my left. Is this just a coincidence or is it leading somewhere?

So here is a little poll I’d like to propose:

  1. Are you left/right handed?
  2. Which direction do you mostly turn your smart phone (tablet)?
  3. Does it annoy you if you have to turn it the opposite way than you usually prefer?

Every developers dream, part2

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Every developers dream, part 1

One language to rule them all!

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