I’m writing my own OS

You might think I’m crazy, but I’m into this thing “Write your own OS”. I have some commercial ideas on how and why, but I’m willing to share my knowledge of what I’ve found so far. This is the first one in the series, as I’m currently researching stuff and wanted to write them down for others like me.

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Math, oscillators and C (Updated)

So I’ve been working on my own VSTi for some time.

So I’ve been working on my own VSTi for some time. It’s a hobby project, and I’m not thinking about releasing it to public (only as Freeware synth, as the VST SDK license does not allow me to publish the source). It’s one of those projects where you use your knowledge in programming with some hobby you have. My hobby is music, see here:

I’m also a software/web developer and my knowledge in languages are ranging from BASIC to C/C++ and from JavaScript to Java and of course PHP.

So this post is more like a question for an advice of fellow developers.

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