My OS MinGW cross-compiler

I’m still testing out a few options of cross-compilers. This time I’ve built a MinGW cross-compiler for i786 ELF format binaries. As I’ve been pointed out – MinGW does not have any dependencies on external libraries (like Cygwin) and it does not have problems with DOS paths (like Cygwin, which I could not force to work in Eclipse CDT).

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I’m writing my own OS, intermission (updated)

Holly jumping Jesus … I just got my 15 minutes of shame/fame over the internet. I linked my “just write down what you’re thinking” blog post on and somehow it got posted on Hacker News and from there … Shit just hit the fan. It seems that writing “I’m writing my own OS” as a blog title can be translated from “I have spare time, I want to try out new things” into “Fuck this shit, I’m going for a revolution!!!” 🙂 It’s time consuming to answer all the comments I’ve gained, so I’m writing this post as an answer to all of you.

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I’m writing my own OS, part 2 (updated)

I had a philosophical introduction previously about my idea of writing “My own OS”, now it’s time to do some real coding. In this part I’ll roll out a Master Boot Record (MBR), that will load a Kernel from disk (actually, I’m going to port an existing solution to Visual Studio environment). First i’ll start with some free fly philosophy, but there is a candy at the end of this post.

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I’m writing my own OS

You might think I’m crazy, but I’m into this thing “Write your own OS”. I have some commercial ideas on how and why, but I’m willing to share my knowledge of what I’ve found so far. This is the first one in the series, as I’m currently researching stuff and wanted to write them down for others like me.

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