So, who am I? My name is Gusts, I live in Latvia and I’m currently 30+. I’m a software developer and a musician. I play in three bands: Steam StreetRiga Metro & Bottleyed. I am also a part owner of a web development company in Latvia, called Grafton IT, where I used to work as a CTO, but currently I have stepped down and moved onto a new position full of challanges at whiteCryption (a subsidiary of Intertrust) where I work as a software developer targeting Apple platforms.

My knowledge in web development languages consists of PHP, JavaScript, Python and a little bit of HTML5 and CSS. Currently I’m concentrating more on desktop/mobile software development where I spend my days writing C, C++ and Objective-C code. Additionally I have experience with x86 and ARM assembly and I’ve also wrapped my head around languages like C#, Java and Swift.


Phone: +371-28354468
E-mail: gusts.kaksis@gmail.com